Mary Makaranga / Makumbwa Malezi Children’s Organistation

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Mary Makaranga

Makumbwa Malezi Children’s Organisation (MMCO) was founded in 2014 by Mary Makaranga, a community social worker who has been working in Geita region for over 30 years.  Mary had worked for many years to support vulnerable children, particularly those living with HIV through her previous employer, the African Inland Church of Tanzania, Geita Diocese. Mary saw the incredible difficulties that children in the Geita region were living with and identified that safe housing, education and development of life skills was immensely lacking. Mary was taken care of by one parent herself after her mother passed away, and developed a strong sense of compassion for children living in difficult situations. Her vision was to build a  centre for neglected and abandoned children in Geita to meet this need. Over the 4 years Friends of Malezi has helped this vision become a reality. 

The FOM Trustees and volunteers are in regular telephone, skype and email contact with her and are all very involved in the progress of MMCO as well as FOM. We provide accounting support and detailed financial transactions for specific projects.