Sponsorship Programme

“Friends of Malezi Sponsorship Programme” was established in 2014. The project had been supported initially by volunteers, trustees and fundraising but once the house was full it was imperative a programme began in order to provide financial assistance for each of the children.

There are a mixture of boys and girls aged from 2yrs to 12yrs. Many of the children are HIV positive and all of them have had no education at all until now. Your sponsorship gives these children a brighter and healthier future and makes all the difference to them being able to fulfil their potential.

How much?

Child Sponsor:

£65 per month sustains their needs, including food, education, healthcare, clothing and transport. (If the sponsor is eligible for Gift Aid this is in addition)    Current sponsors contribute anything from £20, £25, £30 to the full £65 a month.

Education: All the children attend Ikulwa School which is a rural Government nursery and primary school and is set in lovely countryside about 5 miles from Malezi. The Trustees visited the school with Mary in 2016 and reported the Head teacher was very nice and welcoming, clearly well educated, speaking excellent English and has been at the school for 5 years. There are 1000 pupils but no class has more than 50 children. This is a free school so fees are not necessary. FOM Sponsorship does assist each child in buying uniforms, shoes, any equipment needed and of course transport to school.  All the children have really responded to this opportunity to attend a school and have the support to attend and carry out the work. Some children are hoping to sit national exams soon showing their amazing progress. 

Transport: The children are transported to school via car or motorbike. FOM Sponsorship provides financial support for petrol and maintenance of these vehicles for the children. 

Healthcare: All the children have regular health care check ups. Some of the children are HIV positive so require regular monitoring and support with medication. They have been without any support before so just to have someone to come with them to the Dr’s and help them if they are sick is a significant and invaluable service for them. 

Centre Sponsor:

We also have sponsors for the Centre, supporting the general upkeep and maintenance of the project. There are always specific targets to meet such as upkeep of car and motorbike, replanting crops, replenishing ponds, maintenance and development of the site, developing a play ground for the children. (See “Wish List”)

Who do I sponsor? 

All the sponsored children live at the Malezi Children’s Centre. They must be a resident there in order to qualify for sponsorship. We have a mixture of boys and girls from 2yrs to 12yrs old. Many of the children are HIV positive and all of them have had no education at all. Your sponsorship would give these children a brighter and healthier future and make all the difference to them being able to fulfil their potential.

How do I sponsor? 

It is easy! Email us at george.smerdon@btinternet.com informing us of your desire to sponsor and we will send you further information, including payment details and gift aid form. You then set up a standing order with your bank for the amount you wish to contribute and this begins your sponsorship journey. A child is then allocated to you and you will receive photos and information on the child. If you become a Centre Sponsor you will receive a general report and photos. Each 6 months you will then receive an updated report and recent photos to add to your album.