September Report 2015

The 12 children now living at the centre are in the age range of 2 years to 13 years, all with varying levels of need and support. They all have one thing in common, they were vulnerable children but now living at Malezi they have the opportunity to grow and live healthy and happy lives.

The Malezi House 2015

Rich Hill School continues to provide the children with their education. The children are always so happy at the house, playing, running, singing and helping eachother everyday. They sleep in two bedrooms, one for girls and one for boys and they have all their meals sitting round the table together as an important time to be together and talk about their days. 

The land at the Malezi house continues to produce crops used in the house and the livestock provide the children with milk and meat. All the children work hard at school to achieve their potential. They are also learning vital life skills at the house, with farm work, caring for each other and being in a family.

Goals for this year:

FOM continues to be committed to supporting MMCO through our fundraising events and our Sponsorship Programme. Our wish list remains long but we believe achievable, with our Quiz Nights, Garage Sales, Coffee Mornings and of course the Sponsorship Programme all raising fantastic figures. 

We have also launched our new website if you would like to visit – you can find out more about our “Wish List” and see regular updates.  Please feel free to share it with you friends and family and help spread the word of this incredible place.