August Report 2014

Mary Makaranga is the owner and manager of Malezi and it was her vision to build the centre for neglected and abandoned children in Geita, Tanzania. George and Dee Smerdon met Mary in 2010 whilst working on a different project and were so inspired by her passion and drive that they set up the UK based charity “Friends of Malezi”. Along with Sallie Hage and Alison Counsel as fellow Trustees, there have since been many trips back to Geita and on going fundraising to help see this vision become a reality.

The Malezi house is now completed and equipped with beds, bedding with mosquito nets, basic furniture, cooking equipment, sterilising tablets for drinking water and solar lights. The children have clothes, shoes, access to healthcare and education. The land has been cultivated to provide food for the house, including rice fields, fish ponds, and vegetables. There is ongoing work on the “Westfield Well” to complete it but water is being pumped out for the moment. The children help Mary and her staff on the land, which not only helps provide supplies but helps teach the children valuable life skills.

Rich Hill School:
This is in Geita and provides education for children aged 5 – 16 yrs. Dee Smerdon worked at this school in 2010 and knows the Head Teacher there well and feels confident in the good standard of education. They have been able to work together to place all the children at Malezi there and arrange an extra stop for the school bus to collect them everyday.

Once again we thank you for your generosity and support of these children. We look forward to our ongoing communication with you.