February Report 2015

Children ready to go to school in their uniforms 2015

There are 12 children living at Malezi with a staff of 5 people to help Mary – a farm manager, a matron, a cook and 2 other general helpers. Joyce Thompson, a volunteer nurse, has been working with Mary for 3 months and has helped Mary with many issues and projects. She has equipped them with first aid kits and training for the staff, amongst other things.

The children who are old enough continue to attend Rich Hill School, transported on the school bus each day. They learn all their lessons in English which is challenging for many of them having never been taught in English before. The children love to sing and play. They help in the fields and around the house and Mary sees it as important they learn “life skills” as well as academic studies.  The older children love to help and care for the younger children as well and they are every bit the family with Mary at the helm.

There is ongoing crop planting , which is all done by hand. The farm provides rice, cassava, ground nuts, maize, bananas, mangoes, tomatoes and apples.

Three ponds have been dug which , in time, will be stocked with tilapia fish. This project is still under construction.

Animals  – There are chickens, a goat, dogs and a cat. 3 milking goats are to be purchased so the children will have a daily cup of milk. Goat’s milk is particularly nutritious which the children need, especially those who are living with HIV.

The Wesfield Well, named after UK local junior school that have raised money for the well, has been problematic and it has been decided to drill a new well, hopefully with the help of the Gold Mine in Geita. There is no shortage of water on the farm. At the moment it is collected by hand and guttering is being installed to catch the rainwater from the roof off the house into Jojo tanks. More Jojo tanks need to be purchased which is one of the next projects.


Malezi will continue to thrive and FOM are committed to supporting its growth. The Sponsorship of the children is at the heart of its success and for that we sincerely thank yuou for your continued support. We also rely on our fundraising events throughout the year to raise funds for additional costs. These costs range from crop planting and house maintenance to larger goals such as purchasing a motorbike, a 4WD vehicle and installation of solar panels on the house.

There are exciting times ahead with these children living at Malezi being the focal point for everyone’s efforts.