Report June 2018

Further to the report we sent out in September 2017, we are happy to report that there really has been significant progress over the last few months. The most exciting news is that Malezi now has a car! We delayed sending this update until it arrived which it did a few weeks ago. It’s a brand new Toyota IST, smaller than we had hoped but all we could afford and it will be just perfect for ferrying the children to and fro from school and their routine hospital appointments in Geita, as well as helping with household transport. Unfortunately it was necessary for Mary to buy new as even ‘genuine’ second hand vehicles are mostly not roadworthy. We had managed to raise £2,500 through a variety of events and donations.









The children are mostly really well though there are the inevitable ongoing problems that HIV+ children are more susceptible to. Malaria remains a challenge though the staff are very careful about bed nets at night for the children. Mary has always made sure the staff treat the water so tummy upsets seem infrequent. School life is good and the children are progressing as expected.









You will remember Mary and MMCO must comply with an increasing amount of bureaucracy to do with the Government’s safeguarding polices and this has led to Mary having to increase the staff to 10. Mary has a wonderful team surrounding her and the children. All the staff have multiple roles at Malezi, between child care, household duties and the farm. There are no days or weekends off and the only time staff are not there is for them to go to their own homes at night and to church on a Sunday. We have been able to assist with partially covering this increase in salaries needed and this has only been made possible by your generous and continued support, but we do need to find additional sponsors to join FOM. If we found 10 new sponsors paying £10/month or 5 paying £20 this would cover this additional costs. If you know anyone that would be interested in becoming a FOM Sponsor then please do give them our details or let us know and we can contact them directly.

The Well. According to Mary, the well is ‘perfect’ but they are still reliant on a hand pump. It is producing water for the house and the garden and contributes significantly to the irrigation of the farm.

The House. The improvements required are being slowly addressed but such is the expense, several things will have to wait. Works currently waiting to be done are plastering the internal walls, tiling floors and glazing to the windows.

The Farm. After a disastrous year in 2017 due to drought, the farm programme has been set back 6 months. This year has started well and Mary is anticipating a good rice harvest with enough excess to sell, producing income that can be used to improve building. Planting, weeding and harvesting is the cycle that, if the weather holds and water flows, can be repeated twice a year.

Livestock: Accommodation for goats and rabbit has been built and Malezi now has 18 goats. They hope to generate sufficient funds this year to buy a cow.
Finally, we need to let you know that FOM representatives will not be visiting Malezi in 2018. Our next visit will be sometime in 2019. However, we will be sending our next up date at Christmas.

As always, without your generous and ongoing support, none of this would be possible. You will all know only too well from the ups and downs of the last few years, what a very challenging environment this is for everyone in this part of Tanzania but, rest assured, you are making a huge difference to the lives of these children and all connected to MMCO.